Aerobic and metal-free CDC in synthesis of heterocycles was reported in Organic Letters.

Well done Luis and Felix! Have a look here.



Laura and Rajeha joined our group.



One more! Hao Xu is professor at the College of Chemistry in Central China Normal University.


A Enantioselective Synthesis of complex oxindoles was reported in Angewandte Chemie.

Well done Zhi-Jun and Gang! Have a look here.



Rishikesh Narayan became Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Goa



Sandip Murarka is Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur



Felix, Kirujan and Melina successfully finished their studies in our group.


Good Luck!

Srimanta left the group for Post-Doctoral studies in a different football city.


Enantioselective catalytic vinylogous addition was published in Angewandte Chemie.

Well done, Hao! Have a look here.



Srimanta successfully finished his PhD studies!


A concept on oxidative annulation was reported in Chemistry - A European Journal.

Well done Luis & Srimanta! Have a look here.




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